Advanced Mobility Institute

Faculty Researchers




Dr. Rawa Adla

Expertise includes control theory, modeling and validation of complex systems, and sensor and data fusion/target-tracking. Research includes developing and validating new methodologies in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), autonomous vehicles, and connected vehicles (V2V, V2I, V2X), and analyzing and testing existing methodologies and techniques.



Dr. Ala Alnaser

Expertise includes algebraic number theory, machine learning, and autonomous vehicle technology. Research includes creating mathematical models for verification and validation of autonomous systems, for stability testing and scenario generation.



Dr. Harish Chintakunta

Expertise includes topological data analytics, signal processing, and graph theory. Research includes signal processing and effect of network topology, and instability of networked control systems.



Dr. Rahul Razdan

Expertise includes autonomous vehicle technology, semiconductor design, and STEM education. Dr. Razdan is lead editor of the SAE EDGE™ Research Reports, which focuses on the testing and validation of CAV technology around the world.



Dr. Onur Toker

Expertise includes hardware acceleration, FGPA applications, and embedded systems. Research includes mmWave radars, sensor fusion, and FGPA-based hardware acceleration.



Dr. Sravani Vadlamani

Expertise includes transportation operations and safety, ITS and traffic simulation, and statistical and econometric models. Research includes transportation operations, travel demand modeling, and statistical and econometric models.