Collective Bargaining

Collective bargaining between the Florida Polytechnic University Board of Trustees and United Faculty of Florida.

2018-21 Collective Bargaining Agreement

On Jan. 16, after 18 months of intense negotiations, Florida Polytechnic University and the United Faculty of Florida (UFF) Florida Poly chapter signed a collective bargaining agreement. This is the first formal agreement between the University and the faculty union.

The agreement formalizes employment rights, responsibilities, and overall management for the faculty members. It consists of 28 articles negotiated in detail between the bargaining team that represented the Florida Poly Board of Trustees and the UFF Florida Poly chapter. Some of the most important articles deal with the process by which professors are reappointed and promoted, salaries, workload assignments, and performance evaluations.

The final version of the agreement required ratification of more than half of the union members, and it was approved by a 53-0 vote. The contract was then adopted by the Board of Trustees.

“We are delighted that this process has come to this conclusion,” said Dr. Richard Matyi, associate professor of mechanical engineering and president of the UFF Florida Poly chapter. “We believe that the acceptance of this agreement will have a major, positive impact on the life of faculty at Florida Poly, and in doing so it would be to the benefit of our students. That’s the number one goal for all of us.”

The collective bargaining agreement will be in place for the next three years. The next time both sides sit down at the table, the negotiations will begin with the existing agreement.

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