Florida Poly launches two new master’s degree programs

May 17, 2022
The Innovation, Science, and Technology building

New Master of Science degrees in data science and engineering management will be offered at Florida Polytechnic University this fall.

Florida Polytechnic University is introducing two new Master of Science degrees this fall in data science and engineering management. The two leading-edge graduate programs were created in response to growing University enrollment and high industry demand.

The University’s Board of Trustees approved the degrees in February and they recently were approved by the State University System’s Board of Governors for inclusion in the state’s inventory of degree programs. 

“As the University grows its campus and student body, we continue growing our academic offerings as well with degrees that meet the needs of our students and of industry,” said Dr. Terry Parker, Florida Poly’s provost. 

The data science degree is an evolution of an existing degree track within the computer science degree program, while the engineering management degree is an evolution of an existing track within the engineering degree program. Their independent nature will now allow them to be more responsive to changes in their disciplines and industries.

“We’re looking forward to more students taking advantage of these opportunities,” said Dr. Shahram Taj, chair of Florida Poly’s data science and business analytics department, where the degrees will reside. “Many data science students are securing high-paying offers even before they complete their degree.”

The data science master’s degree will be offered on three pathways: a 10-month course-only option, a 16-month program with an individual or small group project, and a two-year thesis-based option.

“There is big demand in many disciplines for high-quality training programs in data science,” said Dr. Rei Sanchez-Arias, assistant chair of the Department of Data Science and Business Analytics. “The impact of data science is broad-based and there is incredible demand from a variety of disciplines in today’s market.”

The 10-course engineering management degree can be completed in as few as 10 months, and the program is distinctive because it incorporates emerging analytics and technological innovation principles into the traditional program of study.

“Engineering managers must be equipped with data analytics skills and tools, given the impact data-driven decisions have in organizations aiming for sustainable competitive advantage and technological innovation,” Sanchez-Arias said. 


Lydia Guzmán
Director of Communications