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Master of Science in Engineering Management

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Management Degree for High-Tech Professions

The M.S. in Engineering Management degree provides a foundation in broad business skills, analytics for decision-making, and leverages students’ engineering and tech backgrounds to transform them into leaders in their fields. Engineering management provides an avenue for students who want to broaden their engineering backgrounds for advancement as business and industry leaders.

Program Highlights

The M.S. in Engineering Management is designed for individuals with technical and engineering backgrounds to gain advanced engineering education from a managerial perspective. As one of the most affordable high-quality degrees in the state of Florida, the M.S. in Engineering Management at Florida Poly provides students with the necessary skills for advancing their careers across a range of industry applications.

The program focuses on working with emerging technologies, product development, and program management. Through its small class sizes and applied curriculum, the M.S. in Engineering Management teaches intangible leadership, networking, and human development skills. A unique feature of the program is its emphasis on data analytics, which provides graduates with the foundation required to make informed and data-driven decisions in their organization.

With the option of either a One-Year Accelerated or Two-Year Evening format, students complete this program full-time or part-time in a manner that works around their busy schedule
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Education Meets Innovation

This program is well suited for those who want a career focusing more on the business side of engineering. It provides the core engineering foundation and carries a specificity not found with an MBA.

Engineering Management Careers

Graduates of the program will have ample opportunities in the growing and emerging high-tech industries in Florida, including but not limited to logistics, supply chain, distribution, manufacturing, and health care.



Flexible Format

Whether you enroll directly following your undergraduate degree or are currently working in the field, the MS in Engineering Management program is designed to fit within your busy lifestyle. With the option of either a One-year Accelerated or Two-year Evening pathway, students complete 30 credit-hours of coursework in a format suitable to their needs.
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One-Year Accelerated

The Accelerated One-Year Program is designed for students who want to earn their degree quickly and efficiently. This format is a full-time, rigorous program during which students should plan to dedicate significant time to their studies. Students take 2-4 courses at a time with a combination of daytime and evening classes between Monday-Friday. Due to the demanding course-load and daytime offerings, those who work full-time should consider the evening program.

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Two-Year Evening

The Evening Two-Year pathway satisfies the need for working professionals in central Florida who seek in-person instruction within driving distance from Tampa, Orlando, and the surrounding area.  This pathway is designed with working professionals in mind, suited especially for those who have already started or are well established in their career, providing the ability to complete a full master’s degree and advance their skillset while maintaining their professional responsibilities outside of the classroom.  Located in Lakeland, the heart of Florida’s high-tech I-4 corridor, Florida Poly offers Engineering Management courses on two weeknight evenings between 6pm – 8:45 pm, allowing the full program to be completed two nights per week over the course of two years.

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Since many people have a bachelor's, the more competitive companies are looking for candidates with a master's. Earning a master's degree allowed me to land my dream job at Boeing and even negotiate for a higher salary.
Daryn Matos, MS Engineering Management
Supplier Quality Engineer, Boeing

Engineering Management Stats

Graduating with an engineering management degree can earn you a higher salary, give you an advantage among STEM-only peers, and provide the skills and knowledge you need to advance within a company and become far more marketable. It also imparts intangible leadership, networking, and human development skills.

Engineering manager job openings for each of the next 10 years.
  Average annual wage for engineering managers.
Average hourly wage.


Meet the Faculty

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Research Facilities

The M.S. in Engineering Management program shares faculty and resources with Data Science, Computer Science, and Engineering master’s programs, exposing you to an interdisciplinary learning and research environment that mirrors industry.


Barnett Applied Research Center

Florida Poly’s 90,000-square-foot Barnett Applied Research Center (ARC) was created as a research hub for the Central Florida region to become a magnet for high-tech development around the school. The Barnett Applied Research Center houses research and teaching laboratories, student design spaces, conference rooms, and faculty offices. The building also provides study areas for graduate students, and a small amount of administrative space.



SunTrax is a large-scale, cutting-edge facility dedicated to the research, development, and testing of emerging transportation technologies in safe and controlled environments. Many of the opportunities are related to tolling, ITS, and automated and connected vehicles. Additionally, the entire site is a connected environment for testing Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) and Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) communications.



Program Details and Admissions Requirements

The M.S. in Engineering Management is designed to be completed in one year. Students who are presently employed may also complete the program at a slower pace to fit their needs. View the full catalog here!

The M.S. in Engineering Management attracts both recent college graduates and working professionals with clear aptitude in leadership, analytics, management of technical expertise, and logical reasoning.

Engineering management at Florida Poly integrates coursework in data analytics that supports better informed decision-making in organizations. The program also leverages existing strength from graduate faculty in the maser’s programs in engineering, computer science, and data science to create a cross-fertilized, efficient curriculum delivery model with a focus on leadership with STEM professions.

In the M.S. in Engineering Management program, students will learn to direct, plan, and coordinate activities, as well as spend time supervising employees in engineering companies. They are responsible for developing the overall concepts of new products and/or solving problems that may prevent their completion.   

One-Year, Coursework-Only Pathway:

  • A baccalaureate degree in a field related to your intended graduate major.
  • A minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA in degree-specific courses (2.75 for FPU students / alumni).
  • Transcripts from each postsecondary institution attended (*Waived for FPU students / alumni – the university has access to your transcripts).
    • International applicants: If your postsecondary institution(s) was located outside of the US, please provide a course by course evaluation of your transcripts for US equivalency, with GPA calculation, by an evaluator such as WES, Josef Silny, or AES.
  • A Statement of Purpose (a brief summary of your interest in the degree, as well as how it may impact your academic and professional goals).
  • Two letters of recommendation from faculty or professional supervisor (*Letters of rec are waived for FPU students / alumni).
  • International applicants: Please provide proof of English literacy by meeting the requirements listed here.

*Meeting minimum qualifications does not guarantee admission to the program.  Additional documentation may be required at the discretion of the Admission Committee.

 Upon completion of the M.S. in Engineering Management, students will:

  • Apply business fundamentals and develop strategies to address complex challenges in engineering, applied science, and related industries.
  • Identify, formulate, and solve engineering problems of single or multidisciplinary nature by applying principles of engineering, science, mathematics, and analytics.
  • Apply data science concepts and tools, and develop analytical insights to solve business and engineering problems.
  • Communicate complex business and engineering problems to diverse audiences.

Make Your Passion a Career

We're here to give you the resources to land your dream internship, work alongside faculty in groundbreaking research, and to develop leadership skills to stand out in the workplace.  
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Internships are an important part of setting up you up for success after college and are a requirement for you to graduate. 
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Conduct research along side faculty that is improving lives and changing businesses, with impact ranging from local Lakeland community to the outer-reaches of space. 
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We understand the importance of feeling prepared, and we are committed to your success here and beyond. That's why we have resources to support you in your continued career development.

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