Parking and Transportation


Employee Parking Permits

Florida Poly employee parking permits are available for purchase via the online Parking Portal. Permits may be purchased annually, for a semester at a time, or daily. The University's parking management software utilizes license plate recognition, so there is no need to display a physical permit.

Your license plate must be registered using the online Parking Portal. Employees must use their Florida Poly credentials to access their account and register their vehicle or purchase a permit.

Permit Type
Semester Price
Annual Price
Reserved Permit (Please call prior to purchase) $200 $500
Salary $35K+ $100 $250
Salary $25K - 35K $90 $225
Salary <$25K $80 $200
Adjunct $50 $100
Special Employee (Primary office is off-campus) N/A $10

 Employee Parking Locations

Employees with a valid parking permit may park in any designated or general parking space within lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 and 10.