Parking and Transportation


Student Parking Permits

Florida Poly student parking permits are available for purchase via the online Parking Portal. Permits may be purchased annually, a semester at a time, or daily. The University's parking management software utilizes license plate recognition, so there is no need to display a physical permit.

Your license plate must be registered using the online Parking Portal. Students must use their Florida Poly credentials to access their account and register their vehicle or purchase a permit.

Permit Type
Semester Price
Annual Price

Reserved Permit

(Please call to check availability prior to purchase)

$200 $500
Commuter General Permit $60 $115
Resident General Permit $60 $115

Economy Permit

(Lot 8 Only)

$50 $85

Student Parking Locations

Students with a resident or commuter general parking permit may park in any designated parking spaces within lots 3, 4, 6, 8, and 10. Students purchasing an Economy Permit may only park in lots 8 and 10.

To avoid a citation do not park in designated Visitor, Faculty/Staff, Reserved, or Handicapped spaces.