Parking and Transportation


Visitor Parking Permits

Florida Poly Visitor parking permits are $5.00 per day and available for purchase via the online Parking Portal. The University's parking management software utilizes license plate recognition, so there is no need to display a physical permit.

Your license plate must be registered using the online Parking Portal. Visitors must create an account through this portal to register their vehicle and purchase a permit. Please be sure to save your login information if you plan to park on campus in the future.

Visitors must register on the same day they will be parking on campus, as a Visitor permit is only valid on and for the day it is purchased. Please do not register prior to the date you will be on campus.

Visitor Parking Locations

Visitors may park in any designated parking space within lots 1, 2, 3, and 8. Instructions on how to register your vehicle are found via a QR Code on the visitor parking sign.