Student Complaint Process


Student Complaints and Appeals Process

Florida Poly takes the concerns of its students seriously and seeks to provide an optimal environment for learning and personal growth. The intent of University Policy FPU-3.0031P is to provide a venue for students to express thoughtful concerns where no other forum exists and to provide a final appeals pathway for processes that either do not have an appeals pathway or where existing pathways have been exhausted.

The University strongly encourages students to seek out informal resolutions to their concerns. The Office of the Student Ombuds, which serves under the purview of the President, is the designated office for helping students with these kinds of concerns and difficulties.

Students who have exhausted informal processes and wish to file a formal complaint or appeal a decision of another office/department, should complete this form.

The University Appeals Committee meets monthly to review these items and works with the students who makes the complaint or appeal. The Appeals Committee acts as the voice for the president in these matters and its decisions are final.