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Women's Powerlifting

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The Florida Poly Women's Powerlifting team encourages women of all levels of lifting experience to come and gain knowledge about the sport and participate in a competitive and positive environment. Powerlifting promotes both mental and physical health and we prioritize maintaining the health of our team and injury prevention through proper form. The three main lifts of powerlifting are bench press, squat, and deadlift.


The values of our team align with Florida Powerlifting to promote natural powerlifting competitions, training seminars, and fitness events. The program seeks to promote a healthy and active lifestyle that will encourage strength and fitness enthusiasts to compete at the local, national, and international levels.


Never lifted before? You can still join!

In this program, we will teach you the basics of form to prevent injury and ensure you're maximizing your strength. We have specified workouts so that you have guidance while in the gym and don't have to feel intimidated by the equipment or the idea of creating your own routine.

Women’s Powerlifting asks that you take up space and grow. It asks you to consider and measure strength, not your weight or body fat percentage. It encourages and embraces perseverance and resilience. It urges a sense of hope and aspiration that can only be found deep within.

The barbell doesn’t care how or what you look like, what you smell like, or if you are just starting or have been competing for years. You can either lift the weight or you can’t. And you can’t get stronger without confronting some discomfort and certainly some failure, with lessons that extend well beyond the platform.

Women’s powerlifting at all levels is surging. Approximately 47% of USA Weightlifting members are women, compared to just 17% in 2007. Worldwide female powerlifting meets have nearly doubled in participation between 2014 and 2018, from about 59,000 competitive lifters to more than 101,000.

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The USA Powerlifting Association hosts different events throughout the year, both smaller competitions within the state as well as national competitions such as the Collegiate Nationals. To compete, a USAPL membership card is required for most official meets. At these meets, there are different competitions such as powerlifting (combined total of deadlift, squat, and bench), push/pull (deadlift and bench), and individual lifts. We will focus on competing in the raw collegiate category. "Raw" refers to the level of equipment that you are permitted to compete with: wrist straps, knee sleeves, weightlifting belt, and shoes.

Competitions are not required

Competing in meets outside of Florida Poly is not a necessary element of the team. If you prefer to just gain strength and lift recreationally, you can still lift with us and participate in the workouts. If you do choose to compete, we can coordinate participation as a team so that you have others that you know with you when lifting.

What's Next?

Contact us for more information via email WomensPowerlifting@floridapoly.edu  or by filling out this registration form.

Further information about practice dates and times will be determined but will take place in the weight room of the Florida Poly Student Development Center.

Students should bring shoes (preferably with a flat sole like Converse or lifting shoes), water, and any gear they prefer to use (wrist wraps, lifting straps, belts, knee sleeves, etc.). Gear is optional and not required to participate, especially when first starting, although you will earn some swag!

Madi Yonash
Team Captain and Founder

Madi Yonash `24

Madi Yonash is a current sophomore studying business analytics with a concentration in logistics and supply chain management. She has been lifting competitively since high school, where she placed second in her district and fourth in the region for her weight class during her senior year. In addition to powerlifting, she plays soccer and serves as an Admissions Ambassador and Presidential Ambassador at Florida Poly.

Want More Info?

Submit your interest form for follow up and be sure to complete your undergraduate application as part of the process. For more information about Florida Poly Women’s Powerlifting, contact WomensPowerlifting@floridapoly.edu or 863-874-4774.

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