Title IX



Upon notice of a report, the office will follow a set of procedures.

Report Received:

  1. The Title IX coordinator will reach out to the individual affected via email.
    1. Email will provide resources, information, and request a meeting.
    2. The meeting will go over resources, options of reporting and resolution, process, and medical attention if needed.
  2. Facilitate Supportive Measures when needed and appropriate (including but not limited to: academic assistance, withdrawal, No Contact Orders, housing assistance, working assistance, safe ride/safe walk)
  3. Take immediate and appropriate steps to investigate or otherwise determine what occurred.

Note: the reporter may not receive updated information after the report is made to maintain confidentiality.

Investigation Options:

The person who has experienced the misconduct has the option (in most cases) to have the University investigate or not.

  • University Grievance Process provides options for the individual affected to either not move forward with a formal process or to file a formal complaint resulting in either an informal resolution or a formal investigation. The Title IX coordinator will go over all options available when a meeting occurs. The standard used for a formal investigation is a preponderance of the evidence.
  • Police Department is another reporting option for people that want to pursue a criminal complaint. This may include interviews and court proceedings. The standard used is beyond a reasonable doubt.

File a Formal Complaint:

By filing a Formal Complaint you are initiating the formal resolution process (either an informal resolution or a formal investigation).

To file a formal complaint, fill out the online form, or contact the Title IX coordinator.

University Process:

  • Responsibility of Title IX Coordinator: The Title IX coordinator is responsible for administering the grievance process for sexual misconduct. Reports or allegations covered in this policy will be processed upon receiving the report. The Title IX coordinator makes an initial assessment of whether the complaint falls within the scope of this policy and/or Title IX.
  • Respondent is an Employee, Vendor, or Contractor: If the Respondent is an employee, a vendor, or a contractor, the complaint will be resolved using the procedures outlined in FPU-1.005 Discrimination and Harassment Complaint and Investigation Procedures.
  • Respondent is a University Student: If the Respondent is a student, the complaint will be resolved using the procedures outlined in FPU-3.006 Student Code of Conduct.
  • Title IX Grievance Process: Complaints that allege conduct that is within the scope of Title IX will also follow the additional provisions outlined in FPU-1.005P Sexual Misconduct.