University updates aim to minimize COVID-19 spread on campus

Aug 13, 2020
COVID-19 preparation

Gary Giddens works to install clear partitions in a laboratory inside the Innovation, Science, and Technology Building at Florida Polytechnic University. These partitions are being installed across campus in in areas where face-to-face interaction is likely.

When students return to Florida Polytechnic University for classes on Aug. 20, they’ll find that the campus has been transformed into an environment that prioritizes physical distancing and other COVID-19 prevention best practices, without sacrificing the rich university experience.

“I think we’ve minimized the opportunity to be exposed to COVID-19 and we’ve provided many opportunities for individuals to practice good hygiene,” said David Calhoun, the University’s assistant vice president for facility and safety services. “We’ve increased awareness through signage, and we’ve reduced exposure by reducing the class sizes, lab sizes, and people accessing facilities.”

Keeping COVID-19 from spreading at Florida Poly is a shared responsibility and everyone is expected to do their part.

Health and safety will be top of mind from the moment a person arrives on campus, and the enhancements that have been made will be both apparent and undetectable.

New Florida Poly Campus Updates to Reduce COVID-19
Female cleaning a desk.

Temperature kiosks

Temperature screening kiosks have been installed near building entrances to allow everyone to quickly and easily receive an accurate temperature reading.

Fever is among the common symptoms of COVID-19 and it is important that no one with a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher remains on campus. Students and employees should access the daily health self-assessment prior to leaving their residence hall or home each day to determine whether they should proceed to campus. The assessment can be found in the Florida Poly Mobile App.

Air quality

Air quality has been enhanced through upgraded air filtration, increased outside air, and routine cleaning and disinfecting of all air handling units.

Cleaning and disinfecting

In addition to the regular cleaning that occurs across campus, a dedicated effort to disinfecting all high-touch areas will occur daily. High-touch areas include door handles, commonly used horizontal surfaces and tables, bathrooms, common area seating, and handrails. Daily disinfecting occurs in all common spaces as well.

Hand sanitizer

Access to hand sanitizer is critical to good personal hygiene and minimizing the spread of COVID-19. More than 50 hand sanitizer stations have been installed across campus and in the residence halls.

Additional hand sanitizer dispensers are located in every classroom for easy access, as well as disinfecting supplies for use by instructors as needed.


More than 1,000 signs have been placed across all facilities, encouraging everyone to maintain proper physical distancing, practice good hand washing, wear a face covering, and remain aware of their personal responsibility to keep the virus at bay.

Floor markers bearing the new Phoenix talon illustration reinforce the message.


Plastic shields have been installed in areas where face-to-face interaction is likely or where proper physical distancing is a challenge. This includes spaces like the registrar’s office, the reception desk inside the Student Development Center, and in labs.


Couches, tables, desks, and chairs have all been rearranged to allow students and employees to enjoy the common spaces around campus while maintaining proper physical distancing. Furniture also has been placed into storage to alleviate the potential for crowding.


Toilet lids have been added to toilets located inside unisex/family restrooms across campus to address concerns about possible virus aerosolization during flushing. Multi-stall facilities will continue to be lidless. Those who choose to use the lidded toilets are asked to close the lid to allow the automatic flusher to operate.

Keep up with the latest COVID-19 news and information on Florida Poly’s COVID-19 webpage and in the Florida Poly Mobile App. As the pandemic situation continues to evolve, the actions outlined above may change.


Lydia Guzman
Director of Communications