Risk Management

Risk Management minimizes the risk of financial loss to the University through the identification and analysis of risk, implementation of loss control programs, and contractual transfer or other risk reduction and financing techniques.

Risk Management is available to consult or collaborate with individuals, student groups, departments, or administration on issues related to the management of risks.  We can assist with the identification and analysis of risks and with recommending and developing strategies to best address risks.

Some areas where Risk Management provides assistance include: contracts, policies and procedures, vehicle use, continuity planning, insurance needs, loss prevention, claims, and activity and event planning. Representation is also available to serve on committees or working groups to provide risk management expertise.

Risk Management Department

Risk Manager

Risk Management Subcommittee

Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Fire Safety Inspector/Emergency Management Officer
Assistant Vice President, Facilities & Safety Services
Assistant Vice President & Controller
Director of Budget
Director, Facilities & Safety Services