Board of Trustees Committees

Academic and Student Affairs Committee

This committee is responsible for issues related to academic programs, student affairs, student life, education policy, regional accreditation, financial aid, recruitment, admissions and retention of students, and faculty recruitment.


Audit and Compliance Committee

This committee is responsible for issues related to internal controls, internal and external audits, approving the annual audit plan and risk management.

Finance and Facilities Committee

This committee is responsible for all issues related to budget, finance, facilities planning and construction, and oversight of the Direct Support Organizations (i.e. Foundation).


Governance Committee

The Governance Committee is responsible for periodically reviewing the board’s bylaws, evaluating the board’s performance, initiating board training, facilitating nominations related to the board chair and vice-chair elections, reviewing proposed changes to university regulations and policies, and overseeing presidential personnel matters, including the annual evaluation of the President, and recommending goals for the President’s performance. 


Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee is responsible for developing key initiatives and strategic goals, and provide guidance for the university strategic plan, campus master plan, diversity and inclusion, and the Florida Industrial and Phosphate Research Institute.