Board of Trustees Committees  

Governance, Audit, and Compliance

The Governance, Audit, and Compliance Committee is a standing committee of the Board of Trustees responsible for reviewing and making recommendations to the Board on various Board functions, including periodically reviewing the Board’s Bylaws; evaluating the Board’s performance; initiating Board training; facilitating nominations related to the Board Chair and Vice-Chair elections; reviewing proposed changes to University regulations and policies which are not reviewed by another Board committee; and overseeing presidential personnel matters, (which includes  the annual evaluation and making recommendations related to the President’s compensation adjustments and annual goals). The Committee also acts as the plan administrator of the Florida Polytechnic University retirement plan created for the President.

Additionally, the Committee monitors the overall organizational tone for quality financial reporting, sound business risk practices, compliance with applicable laws and regulations, policies, and ethical behavior. The Committee receives and reviews both internal and external auditors' reports ensuring that timely and appropriate corrective actions have been taken.  The Committee also approves the audit and compliance plans for University Audit and Compliance and monitors the progress of each plan.  

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