Board of Trustees Committees  

Academic and Student Affairs

The Academic and Student Affairs Committee is a standing committee of the Board of Trustees with the responsibility to provide strategic input to the Provost and President related to curricular and co-curricular educational programs, student life, academic and student support services, faculty employment matters, academic policies and procedures, learning resources, and academic assessment systems. 

The Committee shall provide governance oversight on such matters as: 

  • Institutional Accreditation
  • Academic program development, review, accreditation, and discontinuance
  • Student admission and performance standards
  • Major academic initiatives
  • Maintaining an appropriate balance as part of the institution’s mission, of teaching, research/scholarship, and service

This responsibility includes, but is not limited to, receiving and reviewing information regarding the academic and student affairs operations of the University and reviewing and, when appropriate, recommending to the Board for its approval:

  • Annual Textbook and Instructional Materials
  • Affordability Report
  • Research Institute reports
  • Review of fees as appropriate or required
  • Consideration of tuition and fee waiver authority
  • University Accountability reports
  • Approval of upcoming academic calendars for the University