General Counsel

Service Areas


The specialized areas of responsibility of the attorneys are listed in the chart below.  Please refer to this chart to determine which attorney can assist you with your legal matter. If you are unsure whom to contact, please contact the Office of the General Counsel at 863-874-8412 or by email. Please note that most written communications are public records.

For issues related to postings of university policies, regulations and rules, and public records requests, please contact Sherri Pavlik.


Academic Affairs

Subject Matter General Counsel
Academic Affairs Agreements Melaine Schmiz
Academic Policies and Procedures Committee Melaine Schmiz
Dual Enrollment Agreements Melaine Schmiz
Industry Partnership Agreements David Fugett
International Exchange Agreements Melaine Schmiz
Internship Agreements Melaine Schmiz
Intellectual Property Matters (patent, trademark, copyright) David Fugett



Collective Bargaining David Fugett
Employment and Labor David Fugett
Garnishments David Fugett
Human Resources David Fugett
Immigration Law and Visas David Fugett
Risk Management David Fugett


Finance and Administration

Business and Auxiliary Enterprise Matters Melaine Schmiz
Construction Matters David Fugett
Environmental Health and Safety Matters David Fugett
Finance and Administration Matters David Fugett
Technology Services Matters David Fugett
Procurement Matters Melaine Schmiz
Real Estate and Land Use David Fugett
University Police Matters David Fugett


Florida Polytechnic University Foundation, Inc.

Subject Matter General Counsel
Contracts Melaine Schmiz
Gift Agreements Melaine Schmiz
Policies and Governance

Melaine Schmiz



Subject Matter General Counsel
Board of Trustees David Fugett
Delegations of Authority David Fugett
Ethics and Conflicts of Interest David Fugett
Governance David Fugett
Government Relations David Fugett
Non-Academic Policies Committee David Fugett
Public Records Requests Melaine Schmiz 
Retention Law Melaine Schmiz  
Sunshine Law Melaine Schmiz  
University Relations Marketing David Fugett
University Regulations, Policies, Rules, and Procedures Melaine Schmiz  


Dispute Resolution

Litigation David Fugett
Service of Process David Fugett
Subpoenas David Fugett



Research and Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Matters (patent, trademark, copyright) David Fugett
Research Matters David Fugett


Student Affairs

Subject Matter General Counsel
Admissions and Enrollment Areas Melaine Schmiz
Financial Aid Matters Melaine Schmiz
Immigration Law and Visas Melaine Schmiz
International Exchange Agreements Melaine Schmiz
Residence Determinations Melaine Schmiz
Student Government Association Melaine Schmiz
Student Records and FERPA Melaine Schmiz
Student Affairs Matters Melaine Schmiz
Tuition and Fees David Fugett