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Florida Prepaid Program

Florida Prepaid College Program

Florida Prepaid is a state administered program managed by the Florida Prepaid College Board. Florida Prepaid plans are Educational Savings Plans that are purchased on behalf of a student to be used at an educational institution. Several plans are offered which entitle the student to a set number of credits.

Florida Poly will automatically identify and bill any enrolled student with a Florida Prepaid College Tuition and/or Housing Plan.

Students who chose to opt-out of the Florida Prepaid Plan must notify the Student Business Services before the last day of the Drop/Add period as specified on the academic calendar.


Florida Prepaid Dorm Program

If you have Prepaid Dorm, it pays for a 2 bedroom, 1 bath, double occupancy room on campus. Prepaid Dorm does not pay for deposits, application and administrative fees, or the cost differential for room upgrades. For more details click here.

Current Rates for University Plans

  • Florida Prepaid Tuition Plan–$115.08 per credit hour
  • Florida Prepaid Local Fees Plan–$41.32 per credit hour
  • Prepaid Housing Plan–Cost of shared room housing

Students with a 2+2 or College plan will be billed automatically at the University rate. This will cause the hours in those plans to be utilized faster. Students using a 2+2 or College plan are encouraged to look at their master contract to determine the rate at which their hours will be converted.

Any student that is using Florida Prepaid to pay their tuition and fees is required to pay the balance that Florida Prepaid does not cover by the payment deadline (refer to the academic calendar), unless the student has other aid/awards to cover the balance due. Failure to pay non-covered fees by the payment deadline will result in a late payment fee of $100.

Students who choose to opt-out of the Florida Prepaid Plan must notify the Student Business Services prior to the first day of class for that semester. A new form will be required for each semester that the student wishes to opt-out of Florida Prepaid.

Students may use both Florida Prepaid and a Bright Futures Scholarship to help fund educational expenses. Florida Prepaid is applied to the student account first based on the number of credit hours.

If you have questions concerning your specific prepaid plan or how many credits you have available please contact Florida Prepaid directly.

Florida Prepaid Plans at Florida Poly will cover the following fees:
  Florida Prepaid Tuition Plan Florida Prepaid Local Fees Plan
Tuition Base X  
Financial Aid X  
Capital Improvement Trust Fund Fee X  
Activity and Service Fee   X
Athletic   X
Health Fee   X
Technology Fee    
Transportation Fee    
Parking Fee    
Student ID Fee