IRS Form 1098-T


IRS form 1098-T is a tax form that is filed with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to report tuition and other educated-related expenses.

Students may access IRS Form 1098-T online. Email notices were sent to students via email prior to Jan. 1 to enroll for electronic disbursement. Students who did not enroll for electronic disbursement of their 1098-T will have the form mailed to the home address listed on their student account by Jan. 31. If you did not enroll in electronic disbursement, you can still access the form online.



Frequently Asked Questions

IRS 1098-T is a form filed with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to report what you’ve been billed/paid for tuition, related expenses and other expenses related to your education.

If you received a 1098-T Form, it’s because you may be able to receive a tuition and fees deduction, or claim an education credit on a 1040 or 1040A Form for qualified tuition or expenses that you paid.

The University cannot provide you with tax advice. Please consult a qualified accountant or tax advisor regarding how to handle the information presented on the form.

The IRS requires institutions to report payments received (Box 1) for qualified tuition and related expenses on the 1098-T form. Florida Poly can only report payments that have been made towards the fees that the IRS considers as either qualified tuition or a related expense.

IRS has outlined what it considers a qualified tuition and related expense. Not all of the charges the University places on the student account are considered qualified fees by the IRS. Fees that are not considered qualified include but are not limited to student meal plans, the transportation fee, and the health fee.

Although these fees are mandatory component of your billed tuition and fees. The IRS does not allow us to consider them in the calculation of your 1098-T form.

A 1098-T form may not be provided if tuition and related expenses were covered entirely by scholarships, grants, or an arrangement through an employer or a government entity. Students who are not a United States citizen, or listed as an international student for tax purposes will not receive a 1098-T.

The IRS tax laws state that all tax documents must be mailed by Jan. 31. Heartland ECSI will provide access to 1098-T forms by Jan. 31. 

 For additional questions concerning how you can access your 1098-T form through the Heartland ECSI website, or if you believe information on your 1098-T form has been reported incorrectly, visit their website or call 866-428-1098 for assistance.