Office of the University Controller



The University Controller provides a wide range of fiscal, accounting, and financial operations that support and assist in the creation of a strong fiscal environment for the University.

 The Office of Asset Management and Disbursements is responsible for accounting for fixed assets, processing vendor payments for goods and services as well as reimbursements to individuals for expenses incurred while conducting University business.

The Office of Budgets supports the mission of the University by providing financial and budget information. ​The office designs and develops budgetary guidelines to optimize fiscal responsibilities for the University

The Office of Finance and Accounting maintains and supports the University’s fiscal responsibilities through accurate accounting and financial compliance.  The office provides oversight, assistance, and training in financial stewardship.

The Office of Payroll and Tax Services is responsible for paying all University employees on time and correctly. They also make all payroll related tax deposits and reports, process retroactive funding changes, reconcile health care billings, make retroactive pay adjustments, pay all third party payroll vendors as well as collect and disburse all garnishments, tax liens and child support orders.

Student Business Services assesses tuition and fees, bills, and collects amounts owed to the university, disburses financial aid, processes student refunds, handles Florida Pre-paid and Third Party Contract billings, collects students loans and past due receivable balances.