Prioritizing Requests for Service

To most effectively manange our workload, the department prioritizes requests for services into a series of categories, as described below.


If your emergency falls outside of our normal hours of operation (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.), please call the University Police Department at 863-874-8472.

All repairs or remedial work required to protect life-safety or building property. Emergency Work Orders should be responded to immediately.


Work that is required to promote, continue, or provide immediate support to the overall mission of the campus or department. Priority work orders should have no life-safety or property damage concerns, and are typically scheduled for completion within 3 working days.


Work that has little to no impact to the University or department mission. Work is typically completed within 10 working days.


Work that may require long term planning or has budget implications and may require a Space Impact form.


If your request is regarding support for an event, please submit through the Event Management System (EMS). Please provide all the necessary details so we are better equipped to complete your request.