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Other Fees and Charges

Other Fees


This fee helps support costs uniquely associated with the administration of international student enrollment including academic and financial verification, immigration regulation, Student and Exchange Visitor Program System (SEVIS) reporting requirements, financial processing fees, and compliance with United States Government regulations. 

Third Time Repeat Course 

A student enrolled in the same undergraduate course more than twice shall be assessed an additional sum to cover 100 percent of the full cost of instruction. For more information, click here.

Excess Hour

An additional surcharge for courses taken in excess of credit hours required to complete the baccalaureate degree program for which the student is enrolled. For more information, click here

Professional Experience Internship

Provides for a student’s examinations, co-ops, internships, graduations, use of facilities, etc., when deemed appropriate by the University.  The student is assessed resident tuition and the associated fees for one credit hour. 

Audit Registration

Assures a course space for the student; however, the student is not awarded a grade for the course.  The charge for the Audit Registration Fee is the same as the resident tuition and associated fees, as applicable, that would be charged to a resident student taking the course for a grade.

Tuition Installment Service Charge (Payment Plan) - $15.00

Late registration - $100.00

Late payment - $100.00

Off-campus - cost

Distance learning course – cost

Materials & Supplies – cost

Returned Check:

            Up to $50.00 - $25.00

            $51.00 to $300.00 - $30.00

            $301.00 and up - $40.00

            eCheck - $10.00