Safety Services

Training Opportunities

Florida Poly insists safety take priority in all areas of research and laboratory work. 


Training Opportunities

The following training opportunities are available several times throughout the year. Additional sessions can be requested at any time by emailing the Office of Environmental Health and Safety.

Contents: bloodborne diseases, occupational exposure risks, exposure control measures, vaccination program, accident reporting procedures. This is designed to meet training requirements of the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens standard. Employees exposed to human body fluids must attend.

Contents: An overview of what is meant by “confined spaces” and why these spaces may be hazardous to persons that need to enter them, and the procedures that are used to enter them safely.

Contents: How to reduce repetitive motion injuries and physiologic stressors in the office environment.

Contents: What causes building fires, and what occupants can do to reduce fire hazards; how to respond to a fire-related emergency; when and how to properly use fire extinguishers.

Contents: Material safety data sheet use, container labeling, regulatory requirements.

Contents: Packaging, transporting, and disposing of laboratory chemicals and infectious waste.

Designed for people enrolled in the Hearing Conservation Program. Contents: Effects of noise, how noise is measured, hearing protection, hearing tests, OSHA requirements.

 (Worker Level, 30 minutes; Supervisor Level, 2 hours)

Contents: Chemical Hygiene Plan, university inspection checklist, general laboratory safety, proper fume hood use, biohazard exposure prevention.

Contents: What radiation is, history of radiation use, potential risks, examples of sources, dose reduction, radiation uses at the university, general safe work practices.

Designed for people enrolled in the Respiratory Protection Program. Contents: regulatory requirements, types of respiratory protective equipment, proper use, purchasing procedures, and university program.

Designed for people looking to use University golf carts. Contents: University safety video (3 minutes), general safety video (9 minutes), golf cart safety quiz, check out/in sheet and checklist. Available on demand in Canvas.

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