The academic year consists of two semesters (fall semester and spring semester). Rates below are expressed as per-semester rates. Rates for the summer session are listed separately, as they are not part of the fall/spring semester rates.

Room and board rates for the next academic year will be posted in the spring semester, once approved by the University. Housing & Residential Life reserves the right to correct any billing errors and/or fees that do not match the established rates set forth by the University.

Please Contact  863-874-8779 for Phase One rates.

Unit Type

Semester Rate

2 Bedroom, 1 Bath, Double-Occupancy Room


4 Bedroom, 2 Bath, Single-Occupancy Room


4 Bedroom, 2 Bath, Double-Occupancy Room



Housing charges for Phase One will be billed through Capstone. For more information on payments and billing, please contact 863-874-8779

Housing charges for Phase Two will be billed through the University and will appear on the student’s account statement. Students can pay their housing charges by logging in to CAMS. More information on making payments can be found on the Student Business Services website.