Meal Plans


Please check back July 1, 2024 for updated meal plans and prices for the Fall 2024 semester.
As a student, faculty, or staff at Florida Poly, you’ll have access to an incredible variety of healthy and delicious options.

Choosing a Plan

When choosing a plan, it’s important to consider where you’ll be living and how often you’ll be eating in the dining facilities. For example, if you think you’ll eat off-campus each weekend or have a quick breakfast in your room every morning, those decisions will affect which dining plan is the best match for your lifestyle.

All students living on-campus, including first-year students, are required to purchase a dining plan in CAMS. If a plan is not selected the 10 meals/week will automatically be assigned.

Students living off-campus may also purchase any available dining plan in CAMS to take advantage of  the value and convenience of being able to eat on campus. 

Chose a plan that works best with your class schedule, lifestyle, and budget.

Yep, that's right! Our amazing faculty and staff are also welcome to buy a dining plan and take advantage of the cost savings and convenience of eating on campus through the Employee Meal Plan Portal.

Please read before making a purchase in the portal:

Option 1: Payment by credit card, debit card or electronic check

  • Choose this option for immediate payment

Option 2: Payment by payroll deduction (for purchases of $100 or more)

  • Choose this option to enroll in payroll deduction
  • The actual price will appear within the item description
  • You will see the price $0.00 during check out since payment will not be completed at that time
  • Payroll deductions will be divided equally, deducted each pay period, and completed by the end of each semester, 12/31 (fall) or 04/30 (spring)

Kindly note: Employees acknowledge that completion of checkout will notify payroll to activate deductions.

The University, in unique circumstances and in accordance with University policy FPU-3.0041AP and FPU-3.0101P, may approve a modification or accommodation to the meal plan.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) defines a person with a disability as a person who has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activity. Major life activities are those functions that are important to most people’s daily lives like eating and include major bodily functions such as digestive functions.

Meal Plan Modification request

Students requesting a meal plan modification due to extenuating circumstances, religious dietary observance, or other non-disability related reasons should submit the “Meal Plan Modification Request” form. Requests will be reviewed by a committee comprised of representatives from Dining Services, Office of Disability Services (ODS), Auxiliary Enterprises, and other University staff as relevant.

Meal Plan Modification Request Form


Meal Plan Accommodation Request for Students with Disabilities

Students with a disability requesting a meal plan accommodation due to their disability must register with ODS. It is the student’s responsibility to self-identify as a student with a disability and register with ODS to request accommodations.

Students may visit the ODS webpage  for more information on registering with ODS and requesting accommodations.

Meal Plan Options

There are two components to most meal plans: Meals (referred to as "swipes") and Phoenix Funds. A "swipe" means entering the dining hall and using a meal. Phoenix Funds is a dollar-for-dollar declining balance account that can be spent at all Phoenix Dining locations. 

Monday – Friday there are four meal periods: Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon and Dinner

Saturday and Sunday there are two meal periods: Brunch and Dinner

There are 24 meal periods available during the week. Students can enter the dining hall once per meal period.

The meal plan count resets before breakfast on Monday. At that time unused meals from the previous week are available for one additional week. For example, if a student has the 14 meal plan but only uses 12, there are two meals remaining. Monday morning the student has 2 rollover meals plus 14 meals available. There is the potential to enter the dining hall 16 times that week. The rollover meals are deducted first, then begin using the 14. Rollover meals are only available for one additional week.

Students can change their meal plan until 5:00pm on the last day of Drop/Add. Academic Calendar If a student selects a plan they do not feel is a good fit, they can login to CAMS to change the plan by the deadline. After the deadline the meal plan on file is set for the remainder of the semester. Each semester students living in a residence hall need to select a meal plan. If a plan is not selected the 10 meals per week plan is the default.

$3,075.00 per semester - This plan includes 400 Phoenix Funds

$2,521.00 per semester - This plan includes 400 Phoenix Funds 

$2,346.00 per semester - This plan includes 225 Phoenix Funds 

$2,069.00 per semester - This plan includes 400 Phoenix Funds

$1,468.00 per semester - This plan includes 120 Phoenix Funds

Resident students must be 21 years of age, graduate student or renewing their lease for the second academic year. All non-resident students may purchase this plan. 

Students living off campus and employees additionally have three block meal plan options to chose from:

  • 125 block meals + 250  Phoenix Funds = $1,634
  • 53 block meals + 100  Phoenix Funds = $681 
  • 28 block meals + 100  Phoenix Funds = $411

Employees may also purchase Phoenix Funds only plans and add 28 increments, as needed.

Students living off-campus and employees may purchase Phoenix Funds only plans.

  • 650 Phoenix Funds
  • 450 Phoenix Funds

Students who would like to add additional Phoenix Funds to their meal plan may choose from the following options. Please note that these additional Phoenix Funds can only be added after drop/add date published in the Academic Calendar if you have already purchased a regular meal plan.

  • 25 Phoenix Funds 
  • 50 Phoenix Funds 
  • 75 Phoenix Funds 
  • 100 Phoenix Funds 

Phoenix Funds are tax exempt, that is a savings of 7%!  They can be spent at all dining locations across campus.

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