Construction Projects


Active Construction Projects

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  • The Applied Research Center (ARC) will be an over 90,000-square-foot facility that will house research and teaching laboratories, as well as student design spaces, conference rooms, and faculty offices. The ARC will be Florida Poly’s second academic building and will become a magnet for leading faculty and cutting-edge research.
  • Several of the pergolas on the exterior of the Innovation, Science, and Technology Building sustained damaged during Hurricane Irma. The pergolas are being replaced.

Recently Completed Projects

  • The Oak Grove, a newly designed student space located between the Wellness Center and the Student Development Center, officially opened in October 2019.
  • The Student Development Center is an 8,600-square-foot building that opened in February 2018. The shape of the building was designed to mimic the look of the university’s mascot, a phoenix.