University Police 


The department offers a variety of services free of charge for all students and employees. 



The University Police Department provides a full range of police services.

The University Police Department provides security at numerous events across the campus.

Officers can open or unlock any building and classroom for Florida Poly employees.

Operation Identification is a nationally recognized property identification program that was established to help recover stolen valuables and property. This free service engraves valuables with a unique number to make recovery and identification easier if items are stolen. Engraving also discourages theft.

Officers are available to transport or provide a walking escort to students and employees from dusk until dawn.  

The department is a strong advocate of community policing. The department is available to conduct various police training demonstrations to establish stronger ties to Florida Poly and the community.

Officers are available to help students and employees who have vehicle issues. In addition to help students and employees gain access to their locked vehicle, they are also happy to help jumpstart a vehicle with a dead battery. If the vehicle still will not start, officers can provide a ride to the University Police Department where the owner of the vehicle may use the courtesy telephone to call for help.