University Police

Safety and Security

Florida Poly is committed to ensuring a safe and secure campus environment exists for everyone.

Anonymous Witness

Sometimes it just takes one tip to solve or prevent a crime. If you are aware of information regarding criminal activity or other suspicious matters on campus let the Police Department know by submitting an Anonymous Witness Form.


Emergency Phones

The university has emergency phones located outdoors on campus to ensure students, employees, and community members can contact the Police Department as easily as possible. 

Emergency Management Plan

The Safety and Security Committee, in a joint effort with University Police Department, has developed a Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan. The plan serves as the official emergency operations plan of Florida Poly and applies directly to all persons and entities associated with the University, including its students, employees, contractors, and other support entities.

Florida Poly Alerts

Florida Poly Alerts is the university’s emergency notification system. An alert is issued when a situation arises in which the university determines that there is an ongoing threat, whether manmade or weather-related, that presents an immediate threat to the health and safety of people on campus.

Lightning Prediction Siren

Florida Poly has a Thor Guard Lightning Prediction System, which sounds ONE 15-second blast of horns. A yellow strobe will begin to flash until safe conditions return. You should immediately seek an appropriate, safe shelter. You may resume activities only after THREE five-second blasts of the horn are sounded and the yellow strobe light stops flashing.

Person of Concern/NON-Urgent Incident Report

To report a person of concern or a non-urgent incident fill out the online form. If this is an emergency or needs to be addressed immediately, call 911.