Brand Center


Our goals are clear: we’re set on becoming an elite institution with an irresistible brand. To achieve this, we must first understand who our audiences are and devise specific strategies to engage them.

Target Audiences

Our campus community has a clear vision for Florida Poly. They’re active contributors, excited about building something from the ground up, and they’re ready to tell that story to the world. Let’s make this institution something to be revered and admired.

Who makes up this group?
Students, faculty and staff, administration, donors and friends, Florida Poly Vision

Required: Invigorate our internal constituents and show them where they can help elevate the brand from where it is today.

IdealFoster a community of brand ambassadors where constant connectivity and participation happens across all channels and experiences.

Our alumni will make significant strides in STEM research in various industries and within their own startups. Their achievements will exhibit the strength of a Florida Poly degree. The strength of a Florida Poly degree will also attract industry partners. As industry partnerships form and grow, it strengthens our brand equity and opens the doors to careers for Florida Poly graduates

Who makes up this group?
Alumni, industry partners

RequiredConnect with advocates to keep the brand experience alive. Celebrate their achievements in the industries they’re influencing and with the employers they’re impressing.

Ideal: Establish partnerships with leading STEM employers around the world, where they channel graduates directly from Florida Poly into prominent positions.

To prospective students and future faculty hires, we may be known for our incredible building, but we’re so much more. They’re curious about our dynamic brand and how our institution looks different from the rest.

Who makes up this group?
Prospective undergraduates, prospective graduate students, prospective transfer students, prospective faculty and staff

RequiredCreate a seamless experience where prospective students, faculty, and staff can admire what our brand provides and how it stands out from the rest.

IdealDesign communications and experiences that are as unique and contemporary as our institution itself. (Don’t fall into the trap of doing what everyone else does.)

The world is learning about Florida Poly. Again, the building’s visibility from a major interstate markets our existence, but our story still needs to be told. Our goal with this audience is to establish Florida Poly as an institution that develops elite STEM graduates for the tech giants of the state and the nation.

Who makes up this group?
Industry experts and leaders, employers, higher ed and peer institutions, media, government, policymakers

Required: Strengthen brand equity within the region, and clearly articulate our brand story to the state. The nation, and the world to establish Florida Poly as a clear leader in STEM higher education.

Ideal: Appeal to influential leaders by positioning our research, thought leadership, and accomplishments across high-profile platforms.