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Email Signature Format


To help ensure consistency in the email signature of all Florida Poly faculty and staff, employees are required to use the following format:

Firstname Lastname
Title | Department
W: 000-000-0000 | C: 000-000-0000 |

Florida Polytechnic University
4700 Research Way, Lakeland, FL 33805
Office Location: Buildingname, roomnumber

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Please note: Due to Florida’s broad public records law, most written communication to or from university employees is considered a public record. Therefore, the contents of this email, including personal email addresses, may be subject to disclosure in the event a request is made.

Setting Up Your Email Signature

Please do not change the font type, font size, or colors in the email signature. You may add the university logo (not the Phoenix mark) to your email signature if you would like to do so.

Please refer to the University Buildings webpage for the official names of all campus facilities.

To set up/edit your email signature:

  1. With Outlook open, click on File > Options > Mail > Signatures
  2. Either create a NEW signature or EDIT your existing one
  3. In the white text box, paste the sample signature (shown above)
  4. Replace the name, title, department, phone, and email information with your own and customize your office location.
    • Only include your cell phone if you are required to do so or want to include it.
    • Those who work at the Polk State location should replace the “Office Location” information with “Office Location: Polk State College, Lakeland Technology Building, room 0000, 3425 Winter Lake Rd, Lakeland, FL 33803″
  5. Click “ok” to save