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Writing Styles


To bring our brand to life in headlines, we’ve established a few frameworks for consistently creating powerful copy. These are not the only headline constructions that can—or should—be used, but they serve as a great starting point.

Headline Tactics

Use these tips to create headlines that cultivate interest and command attention.


Tactic 1: Issue a challenge in the form of a question.

Showcase the curious nature of our personality by using strong questions. To craft these questions, focus on inherently challenging our audience or their preconceptions about higher education.

Sample Headlines:
Do you have what it takes?

Why wait?

Tactic 2: Use contrast to highlight how we stand out.

There’s the way everyone else does things, and there’s the way Florida Poly does them. Use two-part headline constructions to compare and contrast, showcasing how Florida Poly is truly a different kind of school.

Sample Headlines:
Others see risk. We see opportunity.

We don’t change with the world. We change it.

Tactic 3: Show conviction through bold statements.

We believe in challenging the status quo, and we believe we’re the ones to do it. Our headlines should reflect our conviction and forward-thinking nature, making bold claims about our capabilities and drive.

Sample Headlines:
Refuse to stand by.

The next startup CEO? You’re looking at her.