Presidential Seal
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Presidential Seal

The Florida Polytechnic University seal is reserved for the official communications from the office of the president. The seal is a mark of guarantee; it is used exclusively for the most solemn and serious purposes of the institution.

  • Business cards and stationery from the President’s Office. 
  • Formal and official documents, including diplomas. 
  • Legal and official records, and transcripts.
  • Programs for formal academic ceremonies.
  • Legal agreements binding the university.
  • Commemorative gifts, items, and keepsakes created for limited distribution, made out of durable material of high quality. Examples include plaques, medallions, and crystal paperweights.
  • Financial documents, such as the official university or system budget, checks, university- or system-issued securities, and other financial papers where it is essentially a mark of guarantee. (It may not be used in ordinary internal communication documents regarding financial matters.)
  • Contracts and documents that require the president’s signature

  • Do not use the seal in place of the university logo. 
  • The university seal may not be altered or embellished. 
  • The university seal may not be used as part of a larger mark, title, or graphic. Use only reproduction-quality images of the official seal provided by University Relations. 
  • Use the seal in its entirety. It must never appear partially or used as an element of a larger design. 
  • Use the seal in its full orientation—it may never be turned, altered, screened, or used in part.
  • Use the seal alone. Do not combine the seal with another emblem or symbol, except where it appears with the university logo. The seal may be combined with type, but type may not touch it or be superimposed on it. To prevent fraud, overprinting of the seal in the form of a watermark is acceptable. 
  • The minimum diameter for reproduction of the university seal is 0.75 inch.

Seal usage

The university seal may only be printed in certain colors, in grayscale, blind embossed, or embossed in silver.
full-color seal


presidential seal reversed


black and white presidential seal

Black and white