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Getting Our Tone Right

Voice gives our campaigns and communications a recognizable style—one that’s true to who we are. Keep these tips in mind to make sure we’re all writing with the same voice.


Be assertive, not arrogant. 

We are confident, strong-willed, and driven, but remember, there’s a thin line between confidence and cockiness. 

Good Example: Nothing stands in our way. 

Bad Example: Nothing is a challenge for us.


Be bold, not over-exaggerated. 

We are forward-thinkers who push the limits of what’s possible. That doesn’t mean we over-inflate our offerings or accomplishments. 

Good Example: We’re driven to be the next. The first. The only. 

Bad Example: There’s no question—you’re the next. The first. The only. 


Be straightforward, not cliché. 

Write in the conversational tone you use when you speak, and avoid industry jargon whenever possible. 

Good Example: Have a groundbreaking idea? We have what you need to build it. 

Bad Example: Get hands-on in our cutting-edge innovation lab.


Be curious, not cynical. 

We are constantly questioning and asking why but we should always approach curiosity in a constructive way.  

Good Example: Others accept what they’re told. We ask why. 

Bad Example: Never trust what others tell you. Find out for yourself. 


Be selective, not closed-minded. 

It takes a special kind of person to thrive here, but we never want to put people down. 

Good Example: The world is full of followers. We’re not interested in them. 

Bad Example: If you aren’t a leader, you don’t belong here.