Background Checks


Employment at Florida Poly is contingent upon successful completion of a background check.  The investigations are initiated at the request of the hiring/appointing authority prior to making any job offer. Applicants are asked to sign the Fair Credit Reporting Act Disclosure and Authorization to Release Information form before the investigations are conducted.

Background checks are obtained from a third party vendor, a consumer report and/or investigative consumer report. Applicants failing to provide the data and consent will not be considered for employment or appointment.


Types of Background Checks 

Level 1

Florida Polytechnic University contracts with a third party company, HireRight to conduct Level 1 background checks. This background check, which is conducted using date of birth and social security number, includes a statewide and national criminal history background check and a check of the National Sex Offenders Public Website. It may also include a local criminal records check through local law enforcement agencies.


Level 2

Where required by internal procedure, a Level 2 background check will be completed. A Level 2 background check includes a state or national fingerprint check. Fingerprints are processed through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Level 2 background checks are performed through the Human Resources office or at an offsite location.