Human Resources

Culture Coins Awards

Praise and recognition are important facets in every workplace. Culture Coins encourage employees to acknowledge, reward, and celebrate the service and contributions of their colleagues for exemplary support and assistance. Expressing gratitude has never been easier. Don't wait to show thanks to someone who’s gone above and beyond in the service they’ve rendered.
To request Culture Coins, simply download and complete this form and email it to Human Resources. Coins will be sent to the requester via campus mail. The requester can then honor the recipient however they see fit.

Previous Culture Coin recipients include:


Jean-Paul Bouvier
Gary Giddens 
Jennifer Kent
Jennifer Lee
Derek Lower 
Brittaney Sottile-Roe 
Jimmy Surin 



Rachel Casey 
Andrea Cashell 
Ben Matthew Corpus 
Angela DeBose 
Pat Faulkinberry 
Joel Helm 
Tommie L. Jackson III
Bobby Neil 
Michelle Powell
Jessica Quang 
Beth Reinert 
Scott Reinhart 
Melanie Schmiz 
Rachel Smith 
Nicole Tardiff 
Scott Wallen 


Jordan Jacob 
Julie Mattison 
Shannon Medley
Erin Wenham 



Kelly Beall 
Dara Griffis
Cristina Hinson 
John Lane 
Jeannette Leonard 
Zaira Medina 
Bobby Neil 
Patrick O'Donnell 
Beth Reinert 
Phil Youngs


Kim Abels 
Michelle Disson 
Danny Houser 
Andrew Konapelsky 
John Lane 
Dr. Wylie Lenz 
Kelly Morgan 
Michele Rush 
Kristen Meador 
Pam Swilley 
Dr. Patrick Zhang