Lean Six Sigma FAQ

What is the difference between Six Sigma and Lean?

Six Sigma is a set of statistical and managerial tools that are systematically applied to help identify sources of variation and defects in business and manufacturing processes. Controlling variation and defects helps make processes more predictable and achieve higher quality. Lean focuses on identifying sources of waste (things that do not add value to the customer) in business and manufacturing processes. Reducing process waste increases work flow and leads to higher productivity. Both Lean and Six Sigma methodologies are intended to work together to improve customer experience.

Where and when did Six Sigma start?

Six Sigma started at Motorola and Honeywell in the 1980s. General Electric globally adopted Six Sigma practices in the 1990s. Today, Six Sigma (and Lean) practices are globally deployed at thousands of organizations.

Do I need to take the Six Sigma Yellow Belt course before taking the Six Sigma Green Belt course?

No. The Six Sigma Green Belt program can be pursued as long as a well-defined project idea can be vetted with the attendee's manager approval and support. The project deliverable would be more extensive and have a higher impact on Florida Poly than a Yellow Belt project.

How many hours is the Green Belt course?

Total of 40 hours: Course meets in person for 1.25 hours per session – 2 times per week for 16 weeks.

Do I need to be proficient at statistics?

You do not need proficiency. However, you should have a basic understanding of statistical concepts. The course emphasis is on application of statistical concepts to help make data-driven decisions. The Six Sigma Green Belt course is not a statistics course.

Do I need to complete a project to become certified?

Yes, completion of a high-impact project that directly benefits Florida Poly and students is required.

What is the expected time to complete the project?

The project timeline allowance is 6 months after course completion.

What if I miss a class session(s)?

Excused absences due to illness, family matters, etc. are permitted with prior notification. However, attendees are responsible for recovering for missed sessions by contacting the instructor. Attendance will be taken during each class session.

Will there be homework or exams outside of class?

Yes, attendees are expected to study material and practice learned concepts outside of class. Assignments will be given and attendee progress will be monitored.

What are we referring to when we say “Yellow Belt” or “Green Belt”?

The "Belt" levels are modeled after martial arts and are used as competency classification for Six Sigma practitioners based on training and experience. A Green Belt has a higher level of training than a Yellow belt. This will be covered in the course.

What role does my manager fulfill in this program?

Your manager:

  • nominates you for the course based on your interest, commitment and desire to execute a high-impact project that benefits Florida Poly’s operations and student experience
  • helps you identify a measurable, attainable process improvement opportunity (including defining a metric that reflects how the process is measured)
  • fully supports your efforts and time in training and project work leading to certification
  • endorses justification and execution of project deliverable

Who do I contact if I need help with understanding the course material?

Please contact the course instructor: John Fico, Adjunct Professor.

Who issues the Six Sigma Green Belt certification?

Florida Polytechnic University issues the Six Sigma Green Belt certification, which represents a professional development opportunity for the Florida Poly community.

What are the requirements for completing a Six Sigma Green Belt certification?

The essential requirements are completion of the training and successful implementation of a process improvement project. Details of these requirements will be provided at the beginning of the course.

How will be the course be administered?

Course materials and deliverables will be managed and tracked in Success Primers (Canvas).

Are any materials needed for the course?

Yes, two textbooks will be used (available at Florida Poly Bookstore) plus Minitab statistical software (access provided).