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Lean Six Sigma

Florida Poly's Lean Six Sigma certifications combine two process improvement methods to streamline organizational and operational processes and solve problems. 

Lean is a methodical approach to streamline processes, eliminate waste and deliver value to customers. Six Sigma is a method of identifying causes of process variation that inhibit consistent achievement of a measurable objective or specification. This helps define data-driven corrective action.

This opportunity benefits the employee by expanding their knowledge of best practices for process improvement and problem solving. However, the University also benefits by having more streamlined, consistent and cost-effective processes. Lean and Six Sigma methodologies together help reduce operating costs by improving productivity and maximizing “customer” experience.


Benefits of Lean Six Sigma

  • Identify and reduce waste
  • Identify and eliminate bottlenecks in processes
  • Reduce time spent on non-value-added activities
  • Reduce the cycle time of a process to deliver products or services more quickly to customers
  • Significantly improve quality in products and/or services offered by reducing process variation
  • Increase customer satisfaction with products and services
  • Greater employee satisfaction as employees are empowered to be key drivers of improvement
  • Significantly reduce operating costs
  • Better utilization of the University’s resources

Lean Yellow Belt

Hands-on project focusing on process variation reduction and improving consistency.

Class Dates: Fall 2020 (TBA)
Deadline to register: TBA

  • Eight hours of classroom training
  • Introduction to Lean tools and processes
  • Hands-on project

Students will learn selected Lean tools and methodology and be able to apply best practices to processes and projects. The class will include eight hours of classroom instruction plus a hands-on project to be completed outside of the classroom. Students should come to the class with an idea for a process they would like to improve using Lean methodology.

*Supervisors must register their employees for this the course.



For more information about the Six Sigma program at Florida Poly visit the FAQ page or contact the Department of Human Resources.


Recent Projects That Applied Lean Six Sigma

Customer Status Reporting – Financial Reports: Provided end users with the resources to review their financial status, ensure that budgets are adhered to, and prevent misallocation of revenue and expenses. Provided measures to prevent audit findings.

Philanthropies: Philanthropies heading toward closure means higher client communication and improved university Foundation revenue which goes toward endowments, operating funds, and scholarships. Goal was to decrease stage duration by at least 10%.

Admissions Approval Process Data Collection & Verification: New Salesforce template will improve the admissions process, ensuring that the proper data is collected and verified for each category of students.

International Meal Reimbursement Requests: Results in fewer send-backs for correction, thereby causing time savings and increased productivity for both the end users and approvers.

International Student Recruitment: Standardized recruitment process for international students by distinguishing elements that are common in recruiting all international students regardless of country origin. Average recruitment time per student has decreased.

Systematic Naming Conventions across Filing Systems: Performance improved by reducing time lost to retrieving everyday digital files. Also facilitates the sharing of resources.

Waste Management Procedures: Reduced costs of services for handling, transporting, and disposing of accumulated refuse/recycled material. It also produces a positive environmental impact.

Contract Administration and Compliance: Empowering and training staff on contracts saves thousands of dollars by keeping suppliers accountable using the “proof of performance” measure. This avoids discrepancies in our ERP system and enhances readiness for audits.

Faculty Credentialing Process: Documented faculty credentialing prior to hiring benefits the University by sustaining compliance with SACSCOC as well as enhancing readiness for audits.

Phoenix Mail Room Efficiency: Increased process speed for mail package handling and delivery. Lost package rates declined significantly.

Testing Procedures for Students with Disabilities Requiring Accommodations: Transitioned department to a testing ticket electronic process, which saves time and resources as well as delivers an improved student experience.

Improving Students’ Persistence to Graduation: Reduced time in the paperwork process in the Registrar’s office and provides students with their audits more frequently, which helps them stay on track toward graduation.


Spring 2019 Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Graduates

Congratulations to the spring 2019 Florida Poly Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt graduates. Pictured with Dr. Randy K. Avent (Florida Poly President): Andreina Arroyo. (Not pictured: Stephen Horner, Costa Stefanakos, Jill Hernandez, Jake Morrow, and Riley Schill).

Fall 2018 Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Graduates

Florida Poly Lean Six Sigma graduates
Congratulations to the first Florida Poly Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt graduates. From left to right: John Fico (certification instructor), Mustapha Achoubane, Laura Marrone, Emily Garrard, Edwina Hall, David Brunell, and Dr. Randy K. Avent (Florida Poly President).
Fall 2018 Lean Six Sigma graduate Zaira Medina-Rodriguez with Dr. Randy K. Avent (Florida Poly President).

Supervisor Nomination Form

Please note all nominations are made by department supervisors. If you are interested in becoming Lean or Six Sigma certified, speak to your department supervisor. For additional questions about the Lean Six Sigma program at Florida Poly please contact the Department of Human Resources.