• Innovative research creates virtual reality tool to help doctors in training

    Apr 5, 2022

    Dr. Doga Demirel, assistant chair of Florida Polytechnic University's Computer Science Department, is creating a leading-edge virtual reality tool to help doctors learn critical medical procedures commonly performed in emergency rooms, during surgery, and in other medical scenarios.

  • Capstone team designs microgravity simulation device for Florida Space Institute

    Mar 7, 2022

    A team of Florida Polytechnic University capstone students is designing a device that will help engineers at Florida Space Institute and the Hawking Center for Microgravity Research effectively perform microgravity simulations.

  • Student-created video games draw big crowds

    Dec 6, 2021

    For the first time in two years, the Florida Polytechnic University Fall Game EXPO returned to in-person gameplay on Saturday, Dec. 4, energizing student game developers and attracting hundreds of game-loving high schoolers to campus.

  • Twin software engineers carve path together at global fintech leader

    Nov 8, 2021

    Identical twins Carl-Edwin and Marc-Edwin Rigaud have a bond that can't be broken. The Florida Polytechnic University alumni have spent their entire lives side by side, and now as software engineers at FIS Global in St. Petersburg, Florida, their path continues - together.

  • Cybersecurity Club combines enhanced digital learning with social fun

    Oct 25, 2021

    As more devices, systems, and governments become tightly enmeshed and reliant on online networks, cybercriminals are finding new ways to exploit vulnerabilities, steal data, and make money.

  • Transfer student finds personal, academic success

    Oct 18, 2021

    Alex Whitworth is having the college experience he always wanted at Florida Polytechnic University. He's involved in multiple organizations, plays lacrosse, works in the admissions office, and is taking courses that challenge and inspire him.

  • Budding game designer embraces his passion on Video Games Day

    Sep 10, 2021

    Mark Ellis was only in kindergarten when he picked up a Nintendo GameCube controller and discovered a technology that would shape his life. He embraced the world of Lego Star Wars and soon dove headfirst into new and exciting games every chance he could get.

  • Alumna flying high in Lockheed Martin engineering career

    Jun 23, 2021

    As a software engineer associate at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics and an on-air technology podcast host, Daniele Mendez '19 is fulfilling her dreams and pursuing passions for engineering and journalism.

  • Florida Poly professor shaping the future of rhinoplasty

    Jun 22, 2021

    LAKELAND, Fla. - Dr. Oguzhan Topsakal, assistant professor of computer science at Florida Polytechnic University, is employing cutting-edge technology to help plastic surgeons achieve better outcomes when performing rhinoplasty.

  • Phoenix Flight helps students turn business ideas into reality

    Jun 14, 2021

    An entrepreneurial internship program at Florida Polytechnic University has helped guide about 70 students toward greater business innovation during its first year. With a structured method of support, the Phoenix Flight program helps student teams develop their entrepreneurial ideas and advance them toward potential business success.