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Anti-Phishing Campaign by ISO

Anti-phishing Campaign by ISO

Technology Services will send a simulated phishing email to all emplouees as part of a phishing educational campaign. The email used the same tricks phishers use to get recipients to lower their guard and give up sensitive information. Phishing emails which may appear as official Florida Poly communications are sent to internal. These messages encourage a user to click a link or download a file.


The purpose of the phishing campaign is educational and these phishing emails are designed to help you. The lessons learned to apply not only to work but also to your personal life. Be sure to share with your family and friends.

Information about phishing campaign results, employee responses to the links in the emails are not shared with supervisors or the Department of Human Resources. The goal of this simulated phishing campaign is to help you to learn how to spot a phish.

If you have any questions about what phishing attacks are, or IT security in general, contact IT Services.

What if you click on the link in Simulated Phishing Emails?

The email you click on is a simulated phishing email, the same kind of email that criminals use to steal information. If this had been a real attack, your computer or device could have been hacked, simply by visiting a web page. Rest assured that this time there is no harm done. To keep you and your information safe, Technology Services is periodically sending out these phishing emails to educate users. The information collected during these phishing email campaigns are confidential and not shared with anyone and only viewable by the information security officer, who will be in touch with those who clicked on the links to provide more training on the subject.