Residential Life Handbook 

Safety and Security

Reporting a Concern

There are several report forms that are designed to allow any University community member to fill out and provide as much detail as possible regarding a concern they may have come across. Each form on the website addresses different areas (i.e., academic integrity, concerning behavior, food insecurities, sexual misconduct, non-academic misconduct, and Residential Life-related concerns). If you accidentally fill out and submit the wrong form do not worry. Departments and offices involved in overseeing reports will be sure to route your report to the correct department and professional staff member. 

Crisis, Assessment, Response, and Evaluation (CARE) Team

Living, learning, and working at Florida Polytechnic University may cause stress and may be the reason that someone is displaying distressed or disruptive behavior. The CARE Team at Florida Poly aids the campus community to help assess and find solutions for managing these difficult situations. 

Florida Polytechnic University utilizes a CARE Team (Crisis-Assessment-Referral-Evaluation) that provides guidance and assistance to students who are experiencing a crisis, displaying odd or unusual behaviors, or engaging in other behaviors that may be perceived as being harmful (either to the individual student or to others). The CARE team reviews referrals and responds to identified concerns for a student’s health, welfare, and safety.

The CARE Team’s committee is made up of representatives from across Florida Polytechnic University’s campus including the Vice Provost of Student Affairs, Vice Provost of Academic Affairs, Associate Director of Campus Wellness Management, Associate Director of Residential Life and Student Experience, Title IX Coordinator, University Police, and legal representation. Additionally, the team may also consult with Disability Services or other campus resources, as needed.

University Police Department

The Florida Poly University Police Department is responsible for providing services such as:

  • Proactive patrol of the campus and its facilities; 
  • Investigation and reporting of crimes and incidents;
  • Motor vehicle traffic and parking enforcement;
  • Crime and security awareness programs;
  • Self-defense classes;
  • Consolation with campus departments for safety and security matters;
  • Additional services to the campus community such as: vehicle unlocks and jumpstarts, community safe walks (escorts), building and office security, and assistance with any medical, fire, or other emergency situation. 

The University Police Department is a mix of sworn law enforcement officers and civilian members who provide 24-hour police services on campus. In addition, the University Police Department works closely with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to implement and coordinate law enforcement operations. A safe and secure campus can only be accomplished with the cooperation and assistance of the community.

Blue Light Emergency Phones

The university has many emergency phones located outdoors on campus to ensure students, employees, and community members can contact the Lakeland Police 911 dispatch center as easily as possible. Blue Light Emergency Phones allow people who feel threatened, see anything suspicious or require any type of emergency assistance to connect with an answering service that connects you to the Lakeland Police 911 dispatch center. 

The locations of the Blue Light Emergency Phones are available on the campus map

Florida Poly Alerts

Florida Poly Alerts is the University’s emergency notification system. An alert is issued when a situation arises in which the university determines that there is an ongoing threat, whether manmade or weather-related, that presents an immediate threat to the health and safety of people on campus.

Individuals with a Florida Poly email address will automatically receive an email each time a Florida Poly Alert is sent out. The alerts are also shared via:

  • Voice messages
  • Text messages
  • Voice messages to all university telephones, including those in classrooms and offices

Check your Florida Poly Alerts account on a regular basis to ensure that you have listed your most current contact telephone numbers.