Student Development

About Student Development

The Office of Student Development is the voice and advocate for all students at Florida Poly. We oversee all aspects of student life, including your experience living on campus, campus clubs, student activities and counseling and health services. Our end goal is to create a rich, interactive culture where innovation and learning extend beyond the classroom and infuse campus life itself.

Coming to college is a unique opportunity for growth and adventure, but the journey isn’t always easy. We encourage all our students to get involved in campus activities to build a network of support. Our door is also open, so feel free to drop by with your ideas, opinions and suggestions. Our staff is here to help you make the most of your college experience.

You can find us in offices 2080-2082, right in the middle of the Commons, or feel free to reach out by email to Director of Student Development Tonya Chestnut or Vice Provost of Enrollment Scott Rhodes.

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Student Handbook and Code of Conduct

The 2016-2017 Student Handbook is the official student handbook of Florida Polytechnic University. It is prepared by the Office of Student Affairs to provide information about campus resources, student life and University procedures. The University makes this handbook available to each student, and it is their responsibility to be familiar with its contents. Florida Poly’s Student Handbook is a handy resource with useful information all in one place for students. It includes the complete Academic Calendars as well as the Code of Conduct, the Florida Poly Articulation Agreement and health information. If you have any questions about our Student Handbook, contact Scott Rhodes, Vice Provost of Enrollment and Student Development.

Student Code of Conduct

Student Handbook

Hazing Prevention

As a Florida Poly student, you are REQUIRED to complete our new hazing prevention course. 

The course should take approximately 45 minutes to one hour complete. The DEADLINE to complete the course is Sunday, OCTOBER 1 at midnight.

Information on the Training Course:

This Hazing Prevention course will provide you with information and tools on how to recognize, prevent and report hazing. Simply login with your credentials. The direct link to the course is .

This NEW training course brings us in line with all state universities in Florida and Section 1006.63 of the Florida Statutes, and is different from any previous courses offered by Florida Poly. 

This course meets the requirement listed in FPU 3.0062P Anti Hazing Policy. If you look at B.10., “Students must complete all hazing trainings and/or courses as required by the University.” Students who do not complete the course, will be referred to the Student Code of Conduct Office.

Since the course is mandatory, we will be reaching out to students who do not complete the course after the deadline. If you do not complete it, you will be referred to the Student Code of Conduct Office.