Tuition and Financial Aid

Financial Literacy

What is Financial Literacy?

Financial literacy is an important part of any adult’s learning process, especially when entering into college. This includes topics such as:

  • Saving and Budgeting
  • Credit Rating and Credit Cards
  • Financing
  • Managing Student Loans and Repayment Options
  • Investing
  • Filing Income Taxes

A basic knowledge of these topics can help any individual make responsible and informed decisions about their personal finances. The Office of Financial Aid is promoting this information so young adults can avoid financial issues later in life.

Florida Poly has partnered with a nonprofit foundation that’s dedicated to teaching students financial literacy. Through the Cash Course website, students can build a free profile, choose Florida Poly as their school of attendance and begin independently learning about financial topics. Some of the Cash Course features include:

  • Budget Calculator
  • Worksheets, Quizzes, and Coursework
  • Videos
  • Financial Glossary
  • Ask a Financial Expert

Please visit and create your free account to get started. 


Lectures and Workshops

The Office of Financial Aid hosts financial literacy sessions for our students. These sessions are led by professionals in the financial field, and teach our students basic financial topics. The dates and times of these sessions will be communicated through the school website, student e-mail and social media. 


Other Financial Literacy Tools


The Office of Financial Aid

We encourage all Florida Poly students to meet with the Office of Financial Aid if they have questions about their student account and financial aid. Our mission is to connect students with the financial resources they need, and educate students about the impact of their financial decisions.

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