Hazing Prevention


All new Florida Poly students are required to complete a Hazing Prevention course prior to the start of classes each August. The online course, which takes about 45 minutes to complete, includes information on how to recognize, prevent, and report hazing. Students should log into the course using their university username and password. The course is required by state law and University Policy 3.0062P: Anti Hazing Policy.

Hazing Report Form

A hazing incident may be reported to Florida Polytechnic University by anyone: a person who was directly affected by the activity, a person who was involved in the incident; staff, parents, friends, or community members; or any who is concerned about a student or group. If you have witnessed or have information of a possible hazing incident, please report the incident immediately. Our ability to investigate hazing incidents depends on the accuracy and details of the information you provide. You are encouraged to provide as much detail as possible so that appropriate response can be taken to address the behavior. Anonymous reporting cannot be acknowledged without the ability to validate the information presented without attribution.