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Grandparent Waivers

Beginning with out-of-state undergraduate first-year students admitted for the 2022-23 academic year, students with grandparents residing in Florida may be eligible for a waiver of the Non-Resident (out-of-state) fee. These waivers are limited and first-come, first-served.



Waiver Application Process

Policies for the Grandparent Waiver are and maintained by the Board of Governors of the State University System. Freshman applicants may request a waiver application after submitting the application for admission. Students who qualify for Florida residency should not seek this waiver. 

Students must meet the following requirements to eligible for the grandparent waiver. 

  1. Have a grandparent who is a legal resident of Florida
    • The term “grandparent” means a person who has a legal relationship to a student’s parent as the natural or adopted parent or legal guardian of the student’s parent. 
    • Students must submit the Florida Poly Grandparent Waiver Application, and supporting documents, to provide proof of grandparent’s residency and to certify the relationship to student.
  2. Earn a high school diploma comparable to a Florida standard high school diploma, or its equivalent, or completes a home education program. 
  3. Have an SAT combined score (or ACT equivalent) no lower than the 89th national percentile.
  4. Enroll as a full-time undergraduate student in the summer or fall term immediately following high school graduation and continuously enroll full-time every fall and spring term until the requirements for the bachelor’s degree have been completed. 
    • The student must be enrolled full-time as of the census date in each term to maintain eligibility. 
    • Summer enrollment is not required. 
    • If a student enrolls part-time, grandparent waiver eligibility will be lost 
  5. It is the student’s responsibility to apply for this waiver and submit all necessary documentation in accordance with university deadlines. 
  6. Students should be enrolled continuously to maintain eligibility for the waiver. Otherwise, a student must reapply upon returning to the institution. 
  7. If a student transfers to another institution, they must apply for the waiver at the new institution for consideration. 
  8. Students who receive the grandparent waiver will be treated as Florida residents and will only be charged fees charged to resident students.
  9. The grandparent waiver is applicable for up to 110 percent of the number of required credit hours (i.e., total degree hours) of the degree program for which the student is enrolled. 

Complete the Florida Poly Grandparent Waiver Application and provide required documentation referenced in the form. 

The grandparent waiver will be awarded according to the following guidance. 

  1. Florida Poly has been allocated 11 grandparent waivers for the 2022-23 incoming first-year class.
  2. Grandparent waivers will be considered for those admits on a first-come, first-served basis as determined by date student has submitted all necessary documentation.  
  3. Email the completed application and supporting documents to  
  4. Once considered for a grandparent waiver, grandparent waivers will be granted (awarded) on a first-come, first-served basis up to the maximum allocation of 11 based on the date a student pays the $200 Admissions deposit.
  5. The waiver may not be applied retroactively.



Contact the Director of Admissions, Michelle Powell.


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