University Registrar

Records and Registration

The Registrar's Office can assist students with managing their academic records as indicated below. It is the student's responsibility to ensure their academic and biographical information is updated when changes occur. 

Managing Your Records

  • Make sure financial holds are cleared as they will prevent the release of academic records and grades.
  • Ensure that your contact information is always up to date with the University. 
  • Always use your Florida Poly email account when emailing the Registrar's Office. Include your full name, student ID, phone number, and all relevant details for your request. 
  • Students should work closely with success coaches and academic program chairs when thinking about making changes to their major, concentration or catalog year. These changes should be made before course registration opens. 
  • Ensure forms are filled out completely and all required signatures are obtained before submission to the Registrar's Office. 
  • Contact the Registrar's Office if you have any questions. 


Obtaining Academic Records

Students with an outstanding financial balance or records hold will not be able to access their academic records until the balances and holds have been cleared. All questions regarding the release of Academic Records can be sent to the Registrar's Office. Questions regarding financial balances should be sent to the Student Business Services Office

Official Transcripts: Complete the Official Transcript Request form. Please complete a separate request form for each location you need to send a transcript to. Official transcripts cost $10.00 per copy. Payment must be made with the Student Business Services Office before your transcript can be released. Official transcripts can be sent electronically to certain public Florida universities and colleges if applicable. Printed copies will be mailed for all other requests. Transcripts will be processed within 5 business days. Printed copies can also be obtained in person at the Registrar’s Office by the student. Official transcripts cannot be emailed.

Transcript Fee Waiver for Active Duty Military/Veterans: In accordance with F.S. 1009.26 (17a), Florida Poly students who are active duty military, honorably discharged veterans of the United States Armed Forces, or spouse and/or dependents are eligible for a transcript fee waiver. The waiver will cover the $10 transcript cost. You must be verified by the Registrar's Office as a student, dependent and/or spouse who meets the criteria above before the waiver can be applied. Eligible students will complete the Active Duty Military/Veteran Transcript Request Form and submit it directly to the Registrar's Office for processing. 

Unofficial Transcripts: Students can view their unofficial transcripts in their CAMS portal. The unofficial transcript can be printed by clicking the print icon in the upper left corner of the transcript window.

Former Students:Alumni and former students who no longer have an active CAMS account can reactivate their account online. You will need to know your NetID/Florida Poly ID and 5-digit security code from your student ID card. If you do not have this information, contact the Help Desk at 863-874-8888.  

Students who need an additional copy of their diploma can complete the Duplicate Diploma Request form. Diplomas are not available in electronic format and can only be mailed or picked up in the Registrar’s Office.

Students can obtain an Enrollment Verification letter in their CAMS portal for a term they are enrolled.

If additional information is needed in the letter, email the Registrar's Office and include all the details for the letter. The Registrar's Office is able to complete some enrollment forms but in most cases will attach an Enrollment Verification letter with the pertinent details to the form. 

The university provides enrollment information to the National Student Clearinghouse each semester for employers and other educational institutions to use for enrollment verification.

If needed, official transcripts and diplomas can be notarized upon request at no change to the student. Students can add a note to the transcript or diploma request asking for the document to be notarized. Please note that it may take additional time to process these requests.

Official transcripts and diplomas do not need to be notarized to be considered official. Notarized copies should only be requested if required by the recipient of the document. 

The Registrar's Office does not process Apostille certifications for documents. Please visit the Department of State website for more information.

Transcripts and other educational records may be requested and picked up by a third-party if they have written consent or power of attorney from the student. An email from the student using their official University email account will suffice in most cases, but there may be some requests that will require notarized consent. The letter of consent should include the full name of individual requesting documents on student's behalf. The third-party will be required to show their photo ID before receiving the document. 

Please review the FERPA website for more information on the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and ways students can authorize the release of their educational records. 

Florida Pubic Records Requests should be made through the Office of the General Counsel

Aggregate student data and information requests should be made through the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness

Students may request to inspect their educational records on file with the Office of the University Registrar by completing the Request for Review of Records form. Documents pertaining to student discipline/conduct, medical, counseling, financial aid, testing, career counseling, or police records are not considered education records.

Academic Program Management

Students can complete the Program of Study Changes form if they need to change their major, concentration, and/or catalog year. Before you complete the paperwork to change any part of your current academic program you must first meet with a success coach to have an informed discussion. Making changes to your program may impact your expected term of graduation and could result in additional Excess Credit Hour fees.

Students are not currently able to double major simultaneously. Students who wish to complete multiple programs at Florida Poly must complete one program and then apply for readmission to the university to complete another degree. The university will apply coursework taken under the first degree towards the second degree as appropriate.

Students are only able to have one concentration at a time with their selected major. Students are encouraged to work with their program Department Chair if they have questions about concentration coursework.

Florida Poly offers undergraduate, degree-seeking students the opportunity to add a certificate to their degree. These are add-ons and not substitutions for existing concentrations and, therefore, are subject to rules and requirements. More information can be found in the Academic Catalog.

Only first time in college and transfer students entering fall 2019 and after are eligible for earning a certificate. 

Students who are interested must complete the Certificate Declaration Form and receive approval from the Coordinator of the certificate. The list of Certificate Coordinators is located on the bottom of the Registrar Forms webpage. 


Grade Management

Course grades in CAMS

Students can view their course grades in CAMS after they have been posted by their instructor. Refer to the Academic Calendar for the posting dates of mid-term and final grades. 

After logging into CAMS for the current term, select the "Letter Grades" link on the bottom left side of the screen. Next, you can select to view mid-term grades (if available) or final grades. Unofficial grade reports can be printed by clicking the print icon on the upper right corner of the My Grades screen.

Students with financial holds may not be able to obtain or view their course grades in CAMS until the hold has been resolved. Contact Student Business Services if you have a question about a financial hold. 

Assignment and exam grades in Canvas

CAMS will only display course grades. Log into Canvas to view grades for specific assignments, projects, quizzes or exams for your courses. 

Students who have questions about their course grades or specific assignment and/or exam grades should contact their course instructor. Refer to the "Grade Appeal Process" section below for additional information. 

Students may repeat a course for the sake of improving upon an earlier unsatisfactory performance in which the repeat course grade replaces the original course grade in the calculation of the student’s grade point average (GPA). Complete the Grade Forgiveness form and return it to the Registrar’s Office. Additional details can be found on FPU-5.0006AP-Grade Forgiveness Policy.

Students may enter into an agreement with their instructor to receive a temporary incomplete grade. Complete the Incomplete Grade Agreement form and return it to the Registrar’s Office after obtaining the instructor’s signature. Additional details can be found on FPU-5.0007AP-Incomplete Grade.

Students who fail to complete the terms of the incomplete agreement by the established deadline will receive a default grade determined by the instructor. Students should contact their instructor immediately if they do not think they will be able to meet the established deadline or complete the remaining assignments. 

Students who believe there was an error with the final grade they received for a particular course may follow the FPU-5.00714AP-Student Grade Appeal process by completing the appropriate form below. The order of the forms listed below will follow the order students must follow when appealing a grade. 

  1. Request for Meeting with Instructor
  2. Request for Conference
  3. Appeal to Vice Provost
  4. Final Appeal to Provost


Withdrawals and Returning after Withdrawing

Students should review the Excess Credit Hour Surcharge information before withdrawing from courses. Withdrawing from a course may impact a student's financial aid, academic standing, expected term of graduation and prerequisite requirements for future enrollment. Withdrawal deadlines can be found on the Academic Calendar

Complete the Course Withdrawal form to reduce your class schedule after the add/drop period has ended. Additional details can be found on FPU-5.01033AP Student Withdrawal From a Course.

Please note: If you are withdrawing from the only remaining course on your schedule, you will need to complete the Student University Withdrawal form. 

Complete the Student University Withdrawal form if you need to withdraw from the term or the university. Additional details can be found on FPU-5.01032AP Student Withdrawal from the University.

Please note: Per FPU-5.0074AP-Academic Standing, an undergraduate student on academic probation who withdraws from all courses shall be placed on academic suspension. Mitigating withdrawals will be considered on an individual basis.

Complete the Mitigating Circumstances Petition form if you need to withdraw from the term or the university due to extenuating circumstance beyond your control. Additional details can be found on FPU-5.01033AP Student Withdrawal for Mitigating Circumstances.

Students who fail to register for courses at the University for two consecutive semesters, not including summer semester, will be Administratively Withdrawn from the university. Additional details can be found on FPU-5.01031AP-Administrative Withdrawal.

Students who have withdrawn from the university or who have been Administratively Withdrawn will complete the Re-Entry Application with the Admissions Office.


Academic Standing

Undergraduate students placed on Academic Probation or Academic Suspension should review FPU-5.0074AP-Academic Standing for full policy details.

Graduate students should review FPU-5.00744AP Graduate Academic Standing, Academic Dismissal and Readmission for full policy details.

Undergraduate Students on Academic Probation:

  • will have a hold placed on their account that prevents registration
  • will have their hold removed after meeting with an success coach who will assist with creating an action plan for academic improvement
  • will be limited to a maximum enrollment of 12 hours for the following fall or spring semester(s) until they return to Good Standing.
  • must earn a minimum Semester GPA of 2.00
  • will be placed on Academic Suspension if both the Semester GPA and Cumulative GPA fall below a 2.00 for a second time, or if they withdraw from all courses

Undergraduate Students on Academic Suspension 1 are ineligible to enroll for one subsequent fall or spring semester.

  • Future enrollment will be administratively cancelled.
  • A hold will be placed on their account that prevents registration.

Undergraduate Students on Academic Suspension 1 are are ineligible to enroll in Summer courses at Florida Poly, but may apply as a transient student at the discretion of the host institution.

  • Only degree applicable coursework will be approved.
  • Coursework taken outside Florida Poly may transfer in to satisfy course requirements but will not impact Academic Standing or the Florida Poly Cumulative GPA.

Once a student has been Administratively Withdrawn from Florida Poly they will become ineligible to enroll at another institution as a transient student.

Undergraduate Students on Academic Suspension 2 are ineligible to enroll for one full year.

  • Future enrollment will be administratively cancelled.
  • A hold will be placed on their account that prevents registration.
  • are ineligible to enroll in Summer courses at Florida Poly, but may apply as a transient student at the discretion of the host institution.
    • Only degree applicable coursework will be approved.
    • Coursework taken outside Florida Poly may transfer in to satisfy course requirements but will not impact Academic Standing or the Florida Poly Cumulative GPA.
    • Once a student has been Administratively Withdrawn from Florida Poly they will become ineligible to enroll at another institution as a transient student.

Before a student may return to the University, they must meet with the Readmission Committee. Students are required to put together a packet of information for the committee that explains why they believe they are ready to return. The information below is to help guide students through this process.

Information to be included in the readmission packet:

  1. A written document that describes what you have done while away from the University and what you plan to do upon your return to improve your chances of academic success at Florida Poly in the major you choose.
  2. A semester-by-semester plan of how you plan to complete your degree. Include the catalog year and major you intend to complete.
  3. Your calculations to show how you will improve your cumulative GPA for academic standing and graduation requirements. Please remember that courses taken outside of Florida Poly do not contribute to your cumulative GPA but may be accepted to fulfill program requirements.
  4. Your calculation of how many attempted credit hours beyond the 120 hours it will take for you to complete the degree.
  5. Final official transcripts if you have completed courses elsewhere.
  6. Relevant documents and results for self-study courses or tutoring that you have completed.
  7. If applicable, a completed Medical Provider’s Statement Form if a mitigating personal medical withdrawal was approved.

How to schedule a meeting with the Readmission Committee: Once your packet is complete, email the Registrar's Office to determine the best method for submission and set an appointment. We will not accept or review incomplete packets. For your security, do not submit unencrypted documents by email. 

Uploading the packet to CANVAS: You will receive an email from Canvas Success Primers to setup an account. The packet must be submitted three weeks prior to the start of the semester you plan to return. 


Biographical Changes

Students who need to change or correct their legal name with the University can complete the Request for Change or Correction of Name form. Proof of a new name must be submitted along with the request form.  The legal name will appear on official documents like the transcript and diploma.

Students are encouraged to communicate with their instructors, classmates and University staff if they have a preferred name they would like to be addressed by. Students may also choose to complete the Preferred Name Request form if they would like to formally notify the University of their preferred first name.

Examples of a preferred name can include, but are not limited to, going by your middle name rather than your first, using an abbreviation or variation of your legal name (i.e., Bill instead of William), or going by an alternate first name that you prefer to self-identity with. Inappropriate use of the preferred name, including but not limited to misrepresentation or attempting to avoid legal obligations, may be cause for denying the request.

Preferred names will not appear on official documents like the transcript or diploma unless they are also part of your legal name.

To correct or update your Social Security Number please come to the Registrar’s Office with the original copy of your SSN card. Please make sure your SSN card is signed. 

Students can update their address and phone number in the CAMS portal by clicking the Edit Profile button. Students are required to update their contact information with the university if it changes.